Monday, February 22, 2016

What Just Happened?

So this week was sooo stressful and very interesting. Friday we had just barely finished weekly planning and then president calls me and asks a simple question. then the zone leaders call and we have emergency transfers. Yep. hna pfister left. She missed Miguel baptism and that means that I have to stay for another transfer here in cerro haha but luckily this next transfer is only five weeks. Then the other hermana in San Juan left. So there are only me and another hna here in cerro and we have been trying to work together and do divisions with members and such. 

Then Saturday we had Miguel baptism!!! It was the cutest thing ever. He was so excited. I'm so glad for him! His testimony was so cute and he cried and cried. e even shared something from a liahona! What a saint. He really has changed so much. Sunday he was confirmed. You can just see that change in him so much. His eyes are filled with the spirit. 

We went to contact this house. This guy came out that we didn't know. We gave him the contact card with a picture of Christ. He was not happy. He started accusing us of worshiping images... the spirit was immediately gone. I didn't want to take it back so he started ripping it up into tiny pieces. Then he threw it out into the street. We walked away and as embarrassing as this is I started bawling really hard. It broke my heart watching this picture of Christ just getting torn up and thrown into the street. I wasn't offended or hurt but I felt bad for this guy. He is missing God in his life. I seriously felt a little bit of what Christ felt. How horrible it is. He kept yelling at us to go find God. Luckily hna Paez kept saying "we have found him, we have found him". All we did was bare testimony of the Restoration and left. I could not stop crying but I am so grateful that happened. My testimony was soooo strengthened! I know we are in the truth and how lucky we are! Those poor people out there need our help. Share the gospel with everyone!!!! I love you all and I KNOW this church is true.

Hna Rasmussen
oh yeah real cambios are tomorrow.. wish me luck!

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