Monday, February 15, 2016


Miguel is getting baptized!!!! Ah we are so excited! Josefina wants a little bit more time but I know when he makes this step so will his mom. Ah we cant wait!!!

So this week we went to Huanuco and listened to Elder Godoy of the 70. Guess who had to play the piano. Yep. Me. It was awful!!! I didn't have anytime to practice. The two first songs were really good and  then after that it was bad. I just couldn't get it to go so they practically sang acapella. Hopefully president wasn't mad... but Elder Godoy will remember that forever. . . as well as me and as well as every single missionary that was at the conference.... but its okay! I'm over it. Also I got to see hna holland!! Ah I miss her so much. She is still serving in Huanuco but just in a different area.

Something I really, really love is teaching the Restoration and seeing people and this light turn on in them. It makes so much sense! God's church was lost but it needed to be restored. I love teaching it and talking about Jose Smith. I know he was a prophet of God. He seriously was called of God to restore the church, the same church that existed when Christ lived here. I know that this church is true. and I know Miguel knows its true! When we asked him if he was ready to make this covenant and follow it for his life he said "I am ready with all of my heart"... ahhh!!!! He has changed. The atonement is real!!!! People! Go and use it!!! Christ died and you can change. Miguel is so ready. I love seeing people change more than anything else in my life. It is amazing how true this church is. I love you all!!!! Have a good week!

Hna Rasmussen

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